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S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is very important for a local businesses. We can easily see this by viewing the excellent video from Search Engine Land below.  How well a website gets ranked (found) on the internet depends on many things. Search Engines such as Google and BING, change their code regularly which affects how well your website will rank compared to your competition. SEO is all about relevance. In order for your website to rank well, your site's content must be relevant to the needs of its intended users. The best method for building an SEO-friendly website is by knowing the people you want to attract and giving them what they are searching for. SEO isn't just about relevance though. Optimizing a website is a constant process that combines technical skills, lots of keyword rich content and building authority. You can certainly do SEO on your website yourself, but if you are a business owner, you probably have a business to run! Contact us today and let's talk about your goals!

Quick Video on Search Engine Optimization

Take a moment to watch this quick video Search Engine Land put together. It helps explain why it is so important for your website to be optimized for search on the internet.

Reasons to let us optimize your site through S.E.O.

Visibility for WordPress websites

Reason #1


PROPER S.E.O. will certainly increase the visibility of your website! There are many companies offering S.E.O. for your website, but in fact many of them are simply a directory listing service.

S.E.O. is a lot of work! It will take a lot of time to properly rank your website. There are many factors that Google and BING look for when they are ranking your website. Optimizing your website for the search terms you want to be found under, is a slow process and requires patience and experience! You have a business to run and I am sure you do not have the extra time to put into it. Let a professional do it. If not us, then seek out a qualified pro for this task!

Web traffic for WordPress websites

Reason #2


Proper S.E.O. will also increase the amount of traffic coming to your website. If you are more visible on the internet, then it stands to reason that you will get more people coming to your website! If you have more people, then it should increase the chances that you will get new customers! Everyone love traffic to their site! Let us take this burden away from you while you run your business and keep your customers happy!

Customers for WordPress websites

Reason #3

Potential Customers

Although no company can guarantee you a number 1 spot or even 1st page for your keyword(s), not doing any S.E.O. will only leave it up to chance that someone will find your website. when S.E.O. is done correctly, it will give your site a better chance for higher rankings and that will in turn give you a better chance for potential customers to visit your website!

WP Management S.E.O. Package Includes:

We can help your website rank in search!


You Get:

  • Website Optimized
  • Schema Markup
  • Site Map Creation
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You Get:

  • Google Listing
  • BING Listing
  • Directory Listings
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You Get:

  • Unlimited Support
  • Fast Responses!
  • Simple Submissions!
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FREE Stuff!

  • Website Changes
  • Technical Support
  • Condensed Images
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All of our S.E.O. programs include all of the Management features as well.

Monthly Payment Prices

S.E.O. (No Host)

$249.95 / Mo.


* Only Credit or Debit Cards

(No Checks or Wire Transfers)

S.E.O. (We Host)

$259.95 / Mo.


* Only Credit or Debit Cards

(No Checks or Wire Transfers)

Yearly Payment Prices

S.E.O. (No Host)

$2799.95 / Yr.

SAVE $199.45 / Yr


* Only Credit or Debit Cards

(No Checks or Wire Transfers)

S.E.O. (We Host)

$2899.95 / Yr.

SAVE $219.45 / Yr


* Only Credit or Debit Cards

(No Checks or Wire Transfers)

We gladly accept the following methods of payment

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Our systems are designed to run on your present WordPress site no matter where you have your website hosted. However, if you are not happy with your current hosting, we can certainly boost your performance! Hosting is separate from our regular WP Management components.  Check out our Hosting Packages.  Please contact us for free assistance If you would like us to host your website.


Our WP Management package is one of the best on the market. We protect you from viruses, hackers and much more! Our WP Management System is designed to completely maintain your WordPress website so you don't have to worry about doing all of these necessary things yourself!

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