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WordPress is a wonderful, free CMS (Content Management System). But like most things on the internet, it also needs maintenance, protection and updated often. There are many other factors that will affect your WordPress website as well, such as the type of hosting you have, hackers,  performance issues, broken links, viruses, malware, weak login credentials and much more. Even Google now highly recommends you have SSL encryption as well.  WordPress is free and awesome, but as you can see, it needs constant attention to remain secure! You can't just install it and then forget it! You are asking for trouble if you do! You already have enough too to worry about when you run a business. Wouldn't it be nice to have a trustworthy company managing your website for you? Our management system takes care of this for you!

NowSoft Solutions, LLC, has created a complete WP Management System to take away your worry and allow you to do your thing! We want to take on the task of maintaining your WordPress website so you can concentrate on running your business or whatever you use your WordPress website for. Take a moment to check out all of our features and watch our short video below. Let us help take your worry away by maintaining your WordPress website for you!

Quick Video on our WP Management System

Take a moment to watch a quick video we put together to better help explain why it is so important for your business or whatever venture you are in, to have your WordPress site protected and maintained.

Reasons to let us manage your WordPress website.

A man performing maintenance on his WordPress website.


Computer Monitor showing WP Maintenance Tools

A WordPress site is kinda like a car, if you don't maintain it, it will surely break down on you. If you depend on your website, then it is extremely important to maintain your website! We take care of everything while you do you!

People setting up security for a WordPress website.


Symbol for a type of WordPress security

You know how the internet is... You need anti-virus, encryption, backups and security. We have you covered! We only use the best of the best when it comes to your website security!

A man checking his performance on his WordPress website.


Symbol for WordPress Performance Monitoring

Why have a website if it isn't going to perform for you? Fast Hosting, S.E.O., Broken Link Checker, Sitemaps and lots of traffic to your website is what everyone wants. Is your site up for the challenge?


See what people are saying
Hi, I am Sonya. I own a hair salon. Through much trials and tribulations, I was able to get a WordPress site up and running, but later, I became worried about all my hard work crashing because of some update that wasn't compatible or if people would even find my site. I purchased their packages and my business is doing well now. Thanks, WP M. S.!

S. Clemson

Hair Salon Owner

I run a small auto repair shop. I decided to try WP Management Systems because I was worried that someone would try to hack my site or that I would get a virus. Boy was I glad I did. Now I don't worry about my website anymore!

S. Princeton

Auto Mechanic

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WP Management Systems Include:

We care about your WordPress Website!



  • Virus Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • SSL Encryption
  • Hacker's Shield
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  • Auto Updating
  • Daily Backups
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Site-Up Monitoring
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  • Site Optimization
  • Caching Monitor
  • Compressed Images
  • Sitemap for Google
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  • Website Changes
  • Technical Support
  • A Discount Option
  • No Worries!
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WP Management is on sale.

YES, we decided to drop our prices in celebration of our awesome growth! That's right, it is ON SALE!! This event won't last long, so take advantage of it before the price goes back to it's normal valued price.

WP Maintenance Package


SALE - $49.95


* Only Credit or Debit cards (An Automated System)

(No Cash, Checks or Wire Transfers)


Get ANOTHER Discount!

We love helping people! We want to tell everybody about our great service, so if you will allow us to put our company logo with a link back to this website on your website, then we will give you ANOTHER discount! With our company logo on your website, your new monthly price will be $45.00 / Month instead of our reduced rate of $49.95 / Month. You save another $60 / Year!!

We gladly accept the following methods of payment

Credit Cards we accept.



Our systems are designed to run on your present WordPress site no matter where you have your website hosted. However, if you are not happy with your current hosting, we can certainly boost your performance! Hosting is separate from our regular WP Management components.  Check out our Hosting Packages.  Please contact us for free assistance If you would like us to host your website.

S.E.O.  (Search Engine Optimization)

This is used to optimize your website so Google and other major search engines will rank your website well. We offer this service separately from our regular WP Management components.  More Info